The depth’s advantage

High energy costs, contaminated water supply, membranes biofouling: these are well-known problems of traditional desalination plants. They are all solved with Deep Sea Desalination.

cleaner water

The surface water pumped into desalination plants has to be  chemically rid of organic and inorganic contamination. The water at 350 meters deep  is essentially contaminant free and doesn’t need chemical filtering. 

Natural pressure

A traditional plant has to pump water from the sea and use huge pressure pumps to push the water against a desalination membrane at 30-50 bars. Our Oceans do that for free at a depth of  350+ meters. 

affordable supply

A desalination plant is a huge capital investment that only rich nations can afford. With our RODS deep sea concept, countries can afford high volumes of fresh water with limited upfront investment. 

The “RODS” concept

The Reverse Osmosis Deepsea System (RODS) is a pressurized all-in-one desalination module that operates at 1,000 feet (300m) below sea level. It takes advantage of hydrostatic pressure and cleaner seawater to deliver thousands of gallons of fresh water per day to the coast.   

Energy efficient

If you're a state of the art billion-dollar plant, you consume around 3kwh per m3 of desalinated water. With the RODS system, you consume 1kwh/m3, which is 70% less energy on average. This energy is entirely solar-based and renewable

Capital efficient

Building a desalination plant is often the exclusivity of reach nations: it costs hundreds of millions of dollars to build, and many millions more each year to maintain. With the RODS system, you get the volume you need for any budget. 

Environement friendly

Do you know how much  sea life is pumped into shore-based desalination plants every year? Desalinating at depth preserves sea life, consumes less energy, avoids disfiguring shores with concrete and preserves people from the horrid noise that comes with any industrial plant. 

affordable fresh water, for every need

From low to high water needs, the RODS module provide an adaptable offshore desalination plant at a fraction of the cost of setting up a classic shore plant for the same volume. There is no limit to the number of RODS you can set up.

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70% less energy per cubic meter

The use of natural hydrostatic pressure and the pure water found at 1,800 feet below sea level allows our system to save 70% of the energy required for filtering and reverse osmosis (RO) on a shore plant. 

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better water quality

At 1,800 feet deep, no chemical pretreatment of feed water is required because the water is free from organic and inorganic contamination. This produces  fresh water of far greater quality and is environment-friendly! 

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Our value proposition

Get The volume you need

Each “RODS” module can produce 20,000 gallons of clean drinkable water per day

Whether you’re in charge of water supply for a small island or you’re trying to deal with the drought in California, you can adapt the volume of water you get by selecting the number of RODS you need. It’s that simple. Each Surface module can sustain up to 20 RODS at once, or 400,000 GPD for each submarine station. 

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Ways We Work

Creating the RODS plant


The RODS is the result of advanced research in Reverse Osmosis technology, desalination membranes, and marine technology. We invest a lot in R&D to be able to offer the most efficient and affordable desalination system in the World


We have engineered a deep sea pressurized module using advanced technology in materials, pumps and sensors. The RODS is a connected deepsea desalination plant that can be troubleshooted from a distance. It is the most advanced desalination module yet


After tailoring the ideal submarine station to fit your water needs, we proceed with installation and training to make sure you get the most out of your RODS in the long term. We will make sure everything is in order before giving you the keys!


Nereo Industries is here to make sure millions of gallons of water are produced daily. If you encounter a problem with your RODS or if the permeate flow is decreasing, we will investigate and fix the problem anywhere in the world within days. Contact us for any problem you might have!

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You can find us in drought-struck California, trying to solve the problem of over 1 billion people today!

Nereo is always looking for partners, investors, teammates, and passionate people to help us on this journey. Water is the main challenge of our species and the situation won't improve unless we find an affordable, scalable way to address water stress around the world. If you want to help, drop us a line!

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